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Chinese people travel home early to celebrate Lunar New Year amid pandemic


Beijing, Jan 19 (EFE/EPA).- Chinese people began to travel to their hometown early this year to celebrate the Chinese New Year after many cities announced that citizens must complete a quarantine requirement. (Camera: WU HONG).SHOT LIST: PEOPLE WEARING PROTECTIVE FACE MASKS CARRY THEIR BELONGINGS AT THE BEIJING RAILWAY STATION IN BEIJING, CHINA.

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    Shanghai, Feb 17 (EFE/EPA).- Chinese people who went back to their hometown for Lunar New Year began arriving Wednesday in Shanghai, one day before the first working day begins in China. The Lantern Festival on Feb. 26 will mark the end of Spring Festival in the Asian country. (Camera: ALEXANDER PLAVEVSKI).SHOT LIST: CHINESE PEOPLE RETURN FROM THEIR HOMETOWNS AT RAILWAY STATION HALL IN SHANGHAI, CHINA.

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