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Music returns to the Rabei 'Spring' Theater in Mosul after 18 years of silence


Mosul, Apr 8 (EFE / EPA) .- Iraqi Mohamed Mahmoud, conductor of the Watar (Strings in Arabic) Orchestra played the violin Thursday during his first performance at the Rabei 'Spring' Theater in Mosul.The Watar orchestra, which was formed only five months ago, performed for around 1,000 people, in what was the first show at the theater in 18 years. The theater was built in 1969, Arab and international artists performed in it for years until the airstrikes by Allied forces in 2003.The theater was built in 1969 and Arab and international artists performed there until the 2003 allied forces airstrikes of the Iraq War. In 2014, when the Islamic State took over the city of Mosul, it used the theater as one of its headquarters. The Mosul artists Union said that the militant group had also stolen most of its furniture, air conditioners, sound system, and other apparatus which they saw useful to them. The Rabei fell victim to airstrikes, then ransacking by looters and more looting by the IS. Some parts of the theater are charred burned and a hole in its roof bears witness to its damages but it did not prevent its first show to go on (Camera: OMAR ALHAYALI)SHOT LIST: THE RABEI 'SPRING' THEATER IN MOSUL, IRAQ.

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    Mosul, Mar 27 (EFE/EPA).-The Al Rabie theater, also known as the Spring theater, in the Iraqi city of Mosul is being rehabilitated by a group of volunteers who work with the hope of seeing it flourish again after 18 years in silence. Built by a Japanese company in 1969, the Al Rabie ("spring" in Arabic) stage hosted for decades Arab and international artists from theater, music, dance and other arts who performed there until the fall of Baghdad in 2003, when the curtain had to be lowered. (Camera: OMAR ALHAYALI).SHOT LIST: VOLUNTEERS HELP REHABILITATE AL RABIE THEATER IN MOSUL, IRAQ.SOUND BITES: OMAR MOHAMED, A VOLUNTEER AND MOHAMED AL-MAHDI, A DIRECTOR OF THEATER AND TELEVISION (IN ARABIC).TRANSLATIONS:1. OMAR MOHAMED, A VOLUNTEER.- I am Omar Mohamed, I am one of the volunteers who take part in the cleaning and rehabilitation of the Mosul Spring theater. We all know that theater is no less important than other educational and cultural places, especially in Ninawa province. - One of the spots is the Spring theater. We miss the place and hope to see this room full of all Iraqis coming to watch shows and performances again after the most difficult battles in Mosul and in Ninawa province in general. 2. MOHAMED AL-MAHDI, A DIRECTOR OF THEATER AND TELEVISION.- (I am) Mohamed al-Mahdi, theater and television director. I have a very old and strong link to the Spring theater.- For more than 25 years I have acted and worked on the stage of the Spring theater. I started when I was 10, I was the youngest actor to perform on this stage.- The Spring theater has an echo and a huge public for people of Mosul. It was the only breath of fresh air in this city.- Many stars from the Arab and international art scene have danced, acted and performed here, foreign theater companies came with their shows and presented them on this stage.- The theater was built in 1966 by a Japanese company. It was a first class theater, where people sitting at the front could hear and see the same as those sitting at the back.- It stopped in 2003 after the fall of Baghdad or Iraq as we say, that is when it was subject to destruction and ransack by looters.

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