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Farmers protests continue in India


Haryana (India), Mar 6 (EFE), (Camera:Rajat Gupta).- Protesting Indian farmers on Saturday blocked a highway near the national capital to mark the 100th day of their agitation against the government's controversial agricultural reforms.The farmers refuse to end their protests, alleging that the new agricultural laws, approved last year, would devastate the agricultural sector of India.The blockade on the Western Peripheral Expressway on the edge of Delhi was imposed from 11 am until 4 pm, which affected the movement of commercial transport to some satellite towns of the capital.Demonstrators at various protest sites on the borders of Delhi waved black flags “as a mark of support to the ongoing movement against the Indian government,” Kisan Ekta Morcha or Farmers' Unity Front wrote on Twitter.FOOTAGE OF THE PROTESTS ON SATURDAY

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