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Yes, Comrade, You Too Can Learn The Glorious Russian Language For Free


The Trump administration has generally agreed that the Russians were behind the massive cyberattack on US federal computer networks. So as the Russians seek to learn more about America, Americans now have some great opportunities to learn their language--for free! Whether you're trying to learn the basics or achieve fluency, Russian is a complex, rewarding language as well as a window to a rich culture. According to Business Insider, the Duolingo app offers 80 lessons in beginning Russian for the low, low price of $0 dollars. If you prefer a desktop-based program, 'Russian For Everyone' offers 38 grammar modules, 18 phrase lessons, 16 quizzes, and lots of games--all at no cost. And if you're looking for a supplement to your studies, Brainscape offers free Russian flashcards for colors and animals. Or, you can make your own!

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