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The new Audi A8 60 TFSI e quattro Design Preview in Spain


With sharpened design, particularly in the front and rear, and innovative technologies, Audi is ensuring the increased presence and sporty elegance of the A8. For that reason, the company with the four rings is even more intensively working out the confident and progressive character of the active luxury sedan. The new high-end headlights and taillights inspire with innovative functions and form the apex of the A8’s established technology portfolio. The flagship of the brand thereby creates a contemporary and user-oriented experience – whether for passengers or drivers.As the successor to the Audi V8, the A8 has been the brand’s leading edge in the luxury sedan segment of Audi’s portfolio since 1994. The Audi A8 is a symbol of and a trailblazer for the status and prestige of the brand. The fourth generation of the luxury sedan, which Audi introduced in 2017, raised it to a new level with respect to power, look, and equipment. As an initial series model, the A8 revealed the future design language upon its launch and consequently it is essentially the progressive face of the brand to the present day. The sharpened design coupled with established technologies and outstanding comfort in the back seats define Audi’s premium conception in this segment. The sedan thereby represents the symbiosis of masterful comfort and sporty handling and it therefore covers the full breadth of driving experience. With precision in all details and many intelligent functions, the new A8 is a high-value technology pioneer in user-centered and confident mobility.

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