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Chinese Paralympic champion Liu Yukun remembers her success from 1992 Olympics in Barcelona


Beijing, Aug 5 (EFE).- Liu Yukun, a former Chinese Paralympic athlete who is now volunteering at the Beijing Winter Olympics, still remembers her success at a "beautiful city" of Barcelona, where she won the discus throwing gold medal and that left her a " deep impression ". (Camera: ALVARO ALFARO).SHOT LIST: AN EFE INTERVIEW WITH FORMER CHINESE PARALYMPIC ATHLETE, LIU YUKUN. SOUND BITES: FORMER CHINESE PARALYMPIC ATHLETE, LIU YUKUN (IN MANDARIN).TRANSLATIONS:- Hello, my name is Liu Yukun and I was a Paralympic athlete. In important national and international tournaments I got 22 gold medals and broke three world records. I represented China in 1992 in Barcelona, ??Spain, at the IX Paralympic Games. Barcelona is a beautiful city and it left a deep impression on me. In addition, at the Montjuic Stadium I made my Olympic dream come true and I got the gold medal, an honor for life.- At the age of 19, I lost both legs in a work accident. After that, I went through a time of despair in which I tried to commit suicide several times. I survived and it was sports and the Olympics that gave me a new dream and a new aspiration.- In 2022, China will host the Winter Olympics. Beijing will be a city that will have hosted both summer and winter Games, a doubly Olympic city. Living in this time and enjoying two Olympic editions in the same city makes me very happy.- I am already retired. I am 63 years old but I have always been promoting the Olympic culture. I have been working with a dedicated group for five years across China, promoting the Beijing Winter Olympics. We explain why China wants to host these Games and the benefits and honor their celebration brings to ordinary people. Without a doubt, China will be able to organize some extraordinary, fun and excellent Games. Thanks!

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