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100,000 e-POWER equipped vehicles sold in Europe


Since its debut in September 2022 Nissan's innovative e-POWER has seduced over 100,000 customers. To date, 65,367 Qashqais and 34,663 X-Trails, equipped with this powertrain, have been sold in Europe.What sets e-POWER apart is that the wheels are solely driven by an electric motor. This means the drive is effortless, smooth and quiet – much like a full electric vehicle. Indeed, e-POWER customers' feedback shows that they particularly appreciate the quietness and easy driving characteristics of the powertrain. The advanced and efficient petrol engine within the e-POWER system is used only to generate electricity, which charges the on-board battery and powers the wheels through the electric motor.When low power is required to drive the vehicle and when battery has enough power, the electric motor driving the wheels is only using electricity from the battery. If more power is needed, the engine generates electricity to power the electric motor and charge the battery. When maximum power is required, the electric motor takes electricity from both the engine and from the battery. Additionally, anytime possible power regeneration takes place and energy from vehicle motion is sent back to the battery.In addition, electrical energy generation is controlled according to road conditions. When road noise increases due to surface conditions and vehicle speed, the engine switches on to charge the e-POWER battery pack. This reduces the need for the engine to operate under otherwise quieter conditions.

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