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    With Niagara Concept, the brand takes a new step in Renault’s international history by bringing fresh air and modernity. Thanks to its very strong personality, exuberant and utterly modern lines, this concept is a glimpse into the style of the future Renault range to be built on the new Renault Group modular platform. Niagara Concept is tough and strong, sophisticated and filled with technologies at the same time. It entices you to travel without limits.With its generous curves and chiselled details, it embodies the Renault values and reflects its new design language which is emotional as well as technological. The grille is sturdy and at the same time contemporary. It was carved like a mineral body with a unique 3D- effect. The letters shaping the Renault name have a “pixel-art” finish, largely inspired by pop culture. The eyebrow-shaped headlight array is lively, expressive and definitely techy.With the front face’s prominent skid plate, the extra-high ground clearance, the long-travel suspension, and the ample front and rear breakover angles, Niagara Concept was born to drive in the most extreme conditions. It exudes the strongest codes belonging to the pick-up world.The sheer vertical front is commanding and shows might. Its broad shoulders around the upper body add to the tough look. At the rear part, the roofline slope and the steep quarter-window pillar brings an energetic, sporty feel.

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    Renault 5 was a unique car renowned for its avant-garde design, versatility and fuel frugality. It addressed the challenges of its times for millions of families, responding to the oil shock, changing lifestyles, and the need for a second car. Carrying on this extremely modern heritage, Renault 5 E-Tech electric is a bold response to the societal and environmental challenges of our time – energy sobriety, sustainability and a small carbon footprint. With its heart-winning design, electrical and digital features made for function and fun, and a circular production system that is both local and responsible, it has everything it takes to set the new standard in city cars for the energy transition.

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    Renault Kardian is a compact urban B-segment vehicle with Renault’s DNA at the heart of its design, both in its style and its equipment. Its front end showcases the brand’s new stylistic identity, featuring the “Nouvel’R” logo and a new signature lighting pattern.Resolutely modern, Kardian boasts innovations and features usually reserved for higher segment vehicles – 17-inch rims, a high console with an “e-shifter” gear selector, as well as MULTI‑SENSE settings offering different driving modes and eight ambient lighting options. Renault Kardian is also equipped with six airbags, as well as 13 advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) such as a blind spot warning system and a multi-view camera system.Kardian inaugurates a new Renault platform that is modular and highly versatile and will enable the development of a diverse range of models for a number of non-European markets. At launch, Kardian will feature an innovative mechanical combination in South America Kardian will be launched with a 1.0-litre three-cylinder turbocharged of 125 hp with 220 Nm of torque direct injection engine coupled with an Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission.

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    Megane opened the way and now it’s Scenic’s turn to reinvent itself and take over as the spearhead for Renault’s new generation of electric vehicles. The All-new Scenic E-Tech electric is designed around families and their need to travel freely and safely. And it blends seamlessly into the Renaulution strategic plan: it is electric, up-to-the-minute, brimming with useful and intuitive technology, and designed more sustainably. It is the first production car to encapsulate Renault Group’s aim to become a next-generation automobile manufacturer championing fair transition. It embodies the Group’s new sustainability strategy and the three pillars that strategy stands on: the environment, safety and inclusion.

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    Now that the campaign to reconquer the C-segment – one of the main goals in the Renaulution strategic plan – is well under way with the Megane E-Tech electric, Arkana and Austral success stories, it’s time for Renault to make its next move on the D-segment. The first one was a reboot of the family-friendly All-new Espace; the second is a completely new and daring model: The All-new Rafale.Now that Renault has revamped its arsenal of technology for hybrid powertrains, chasses, and electronic equipment, it could no longer deprive its customers of a vehicle born and bred for driving pleasure – or deprive the brand of a new flagship. The All-new Renault Rafale is both.

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