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Facebook Board Continues To Support Sandberg


Business Insider reports that Facebook's board has come out in support of embattled COO Sheryl Sandberg. Sandberg has been under heavy criticism over her involvement in efforts to investigate George Soros and critics of Facebook. "When a well-known and outspoken investor attacks your company publicly, it is fair and appropriate to do this level of diligence," the board said. The media has blamed Sandberg for the company's recent black eyes. However, it does not appear she will be forced out of Facebook.

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    Social Media giant Facebook's board has come out in support of COO Sheryl Sandberg. Business Insider reports that Sandberg has been under heavy criticism over her involvement in efforts to investigate George Soros and critics of Facebook. In a letter, the Silicon Valley tech giant's board supported Sandberg's controversial request to investigate George Soros and whether the billionaire investor philanthropist had shorted the company's stock after calling the social network a "menace to society.

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