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La Palma (Spain): La Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts


La Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts in La Palma, Spain, as smoke billows from the mountainside in the Canary Islands. IMAGES

Added on the 19/09/2021 17:44:00 - Copyright : AFPTV - First images

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  • Lava erupts from Cumbre Vieja volcano at night in La Palma

    Nighttime images of lava spewing from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on Spain's La Palma island, two weeks after the beginning of its first eruption in 50 years. At least 870 buildings of all types have been completely destroyed and 6,000 people have been evacuated. IMAGES

    05/10/2021 - AFPTV - First images
  • Cumbre Vieja volcano erupts overnight in Spain

    The Cumbre Vieja volcano sends huge plumes of thick black smoke into the sky, churning up molten lava that oozed down the mountainside on the Spanish island of La Palma.

    20/09/2021 - AFP EN
  • Volcano erupts on Spain's island of La Palma

    The Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted on Spain's Canary Islands Sunday, spewing out lava, ash and a huge column of smoke after days of increased seismic activity and forcing the evacuation of around 5,000 local people

    20/09/2021 - Euronews EN
  • Volcano erupts on Spanish island of La Palma

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, Sep 19 (EFE).- (Camera: Miguel Angel Perez Calero) A volcano erupted on the island of La Palma, in Spain’s Canary Island archipelago, on Sunday following a week of seismic activity in the area.The eruption emerged from the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge on La Palma, located to the southeast of the island’s most populous municipality Los Llanos.FOOTAGE OF THE ERUPTION.

    19/09/2021 - EFE Inglés
  • Lava engulfs 100 homes as Canary Islands volcano erupts

    A surge of lava destroyed around 100 homes on Spain's Canary Islands a day after the Cumbre Vieja volcano erupted, forcing 5,500 people to leave the area, local authorities said. The volcano erupted on Sunday afternoon, sending vast plumes of thick black smoke into the sky and belching molten lava that oozed down the mountainside on the island of La Palma.

    21/09/2021 - AFP EN
  • La Palma: Authorities urge people to wear masks due to toxic gas

    High concentration levels of sulphur dioxide from the volcanic gas emissions prompted authorities to suspend workers' access to the southern zone and urged the population to wear masks and avoid outdoor activities on Monday.

    30/11/2021 - Euronews EN
  • La Palma announces new lockdown for 3,000 as lava reaches the sea

    The measure will be maintained for at least 24 hours.

    23/11/2021 - Euronews EN
  • La Palma Cumbre Vieja volcano spews lava and smoke

    The Cumbre Vieja volcano, on the Spanish Canary island of La Palma, spews lava and smoke. The eruption has left at least 870 buildings of all types completely destroyed and prompted the evacuation of around 6,000 people. IMAGES

    04/10/2021 - AFPTV - First images
  • Thermal camera images of Cumbre Vieja volcano and lava flows on Spain's La Palma

    Thermal camera images show details of the Cumbre Vieja volcano eruption which has been spewing lava and ash for two weeks on Spain's Canary island of La Palma.

    03/10/2021 - Euronews EN

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