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NYT Profile Of Neo-Nazi Slammed Online


Over the weekend, The New York Times faced backlash for publishing what critics said was an overly sympathetic portrait of a suburban neo-Nazi. On Saturday, the New York Times published a profile online by reporter Richard Fausett of Tony Hovater. The headline read, "In America's Heartland, the Nazi Sympathizer Next Door." The piece depicted Hovater as an average American adult who liked the 90s television sitcom "Seinfeld" and thriller "Twin Peaks." He was described as a person who ate at Applebee's and Panera Bread, and was "polite" with "Midwestern manners [that] would please anyone’s mother." Critics immediately blasted the Times. They wondered why the paper profiled a relatively obscure white supremacist, saying it normalized Hovater. He participated in the neo-Nazi rally earlier this year in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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