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Mazda CX-5 Touring Petrol AWD Interior Design in Eternal Blue


Mazda’s iconic “World Car Design of the Year”-winning roadster has evolved over the years, yet always remained true to the Jinba Ittai philosophy of creating perfect harmony between driver and car. The MX-5, a timeless masterpiece – refined by Mazda’s craftsmen over four generations of customer feedback – celebrates its 35th birthday in 2024. With over 1.1 million units sold, the community of MX-5 enthusiasts continues to grow.With the 2024 MX-51 Mazda further reinforces the Jinba Ittai ethos by introducing DSC-Track, a new Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) mode optimised for circuit driving, and a newly developed Asymmetric Limited Slip Differential (Asymmetric LSD).DSC-Track prioritises driver safety by implementing over-steer control in hazardous spins that the driver is unable to correct. DSC-Track allows the driver to remain in control until the very last second, only then it will intervene. The Asymmetric Limited Slip Differential (Asymmetric LSD) stabilises vehicle turn-in behaviour. In particular, bolstering the slip-limiting force during deceleration improves stability when braking into a turn, where reduced rear wheel ground load leads to vehicle instability. Optimizing slip limiting force and preload specifically for the MX-5's engine, suspension, and tyre characteristics results in smoother and more linear turning performance. Turning stability has thus been enhanced to make manoeuvring easier in urban areas, as well as on winding roads.The 2024 Mazda MX-5 features advanced LED headlights that now seamlessly combine with the daytime running lights. Furthermore, the rear lights have undergone subtle revisions, and LEDs are now used also on the turn signals. The exterior changes are complete with a new paint option, "Aero Grey Metallic", which replaces “Platinum Quartz”, and 16- and 17-inch wheel designs.Enhancements for 2024 also extend to the interior, which gains a redesigned 8.8-inch centre display with Android Auto and Apple Car Play running wirelessly, a frameless rear-mirror and a suede-like seatmaterial called Leganu.

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